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The 9th International Conference on Solar Air Conditioning will cover the following topics:

1. Solar Cooling Technology
     - PV-electric cooling
     - Thermally driven sorption chillers and open cycles
     - PVT (solar cogeneration systems)

2. System Technology
     - Smart systems for energy supply and cooling
     - Optimization of renewable energy input
     - Integration and sizing of electrical and thermal storage
     - Intelligent interaction with the electric grid
     - District cooling solutions

3. Practical Experience: Operation, Maintenance

4. Energy Performance, Cost Performance

5. Solar Cooling Applications

6. System Design: Design Tools, Simulation, Engineering

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Dates and Deadlines

Deadline abstracts: March 22, 2019
Notification of authors: May 24, 2019
Registration opens: May 29, 2019
Deadline full papers: September 16, 2019
End of Early Bird discount: September 16, 2019
Author registration deadline: September 16, 2019
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