As someone who wants to learn more about yoga and wants to pursue it as a career, a yoga teacher training retreat would be a life-changing experience, first of all you should know yoga teacher training is different yoga a yoga instructor program and a retreat makes it even more memorable, if you have been on the hunt for a training school which will prove to be the one stop solution for all your yoga learning and yoga retreats then you should go for Marianne Wells Yoga Retreat, a regular yoga from an instructor or even a one to one training would involve basics and you would learn yoga postures and breathing techniques, but only a yoga teacher training program teaches and certifies aspiring yoga teachers, so its like teaching the teachers so that has to come from an absolute master of yoga and you can trust Marianne Wells in that regard.

Yoga TeacherWhat most of the basic yoga learners fail to realize is that learning yoga is not limited to a few different physical movements and learning the basic philosophy rather it should open you to a life-time of learning, this is the reason why someone with basic knowledge would think that they have mastered a certain yoga style while a master would tell you that there more to learn, this is something that is brought up by yoga teacher training program, but the key is to select the right sort of yoga retreat center.

For some yoga teacher training retreat is a life-changing experience while for others it is just a waste of money as its no different than a regular yoga instructor class, the difference lies in their selection, you should select Marianne wells yoga retreat and learn from the best.