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Chairperson´s Message

Dr. Daniel Mugnier
SAC 2017 Chairman
Tecsol SA, France

Dear Colleagues,

The International Conference on Solar Air Conditioning has a long and proud history – this year it will already be for the 7th time! While the initial plan was to hold the conference in Spain, we now have moved it to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, for the following good reasons:

You may have heard that the former organizer OTTI is unable to host the conference any more, and I’m more than glad that PSE from Freiburg, Germany, will continue: PSE has been organizing solar conferences world-wide since 1996 and is well-connected within the whole community.
Due to this change in organizers we had less time for preparation and thus were looking for a strong network to join forces. We found this with the SHC (Solar Heating and Cooling) Conference and the ISES SWC
(Solar World Congress) – both will ideally complement the SAC topics, giving SAC participants the opportunity to get an insight on connected scientific areas and meet research colleagues from all over the world.
Why Abu Dhabi? Abu Dhabi is easy to reach within a few hours, and it is a good place for renewables, not only for reasons of climate: In the last years, the UAE has placed itself as a key player in the sustainability and renewable energy sector.
Masdar City is one of the most sustainable cities in the world, with the International Renewable Energy Agency, Shams CSP plant and many other important projects and organizations being located there. While participating in this year’s conference, you might want to take the chance to visit Masdar City and learn more about the fascinating idea behind it!

In 2017, SAC will be held in workshop format during one day, offering highly interesting presentations and time for discussions which for sure will come up due to the general development:
One decade ago, the conference dominantly dealt with solar thermal cooling as the renewable solution for the future.
In 2017, the situation is strongly different because meanwhile solar photovoltaic faced strong reduction in prices, while the solar thermal market only slowly gains importance. So SAC 2017 is giving the floor to this new generation of solar cooling systems based on the coupling between PV and air conditioning systems. The competition between solar thermal and solar photovoltaic which is hard and essentially in favor of the electrical solution at least for small to medium power range (until 100 kWcooling) is representing as well a very stimulating factor for innovation in the sector of solar thermal cooling.
Another hot topic will be the diversification of usage of the solar heat beyond simply cooling: domestic hot water, space heating, process heat, heating for networks.

We invite you to come to SAC 2017 in Abu Dhabi – come to network with solar cooling researchers, industrial companies and technology developers! We look forward to meeting you!

Dr. Daniel Mugnier
Tecsol SA, France

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Deadline abstracts: April 02, 2017
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Deadline full papers: November 05, 2017
SAC Workshop: October 31, 2017
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